Our law offices are currently in litigation with Crumbl LLC over their advertising practices in the Central District of California.  From September 18-25, 2023, we have received over 3,000 inquiries regarding Crumbl's advertising practicing in its stores, app, and website.  


"Lawsuit Targets Crumbl Cookies Over Alleged FDA Caloric Declaration Non-Compliance"

Orange, CA – Crumbl Cookies, the nation's fastest-growing dessert brand, is facing legal action in California federal court for allegedly failing to provide accurate calorie information for their cookies on menus and advertisements. The lawsuit has been filed by a group of plaintiffs from across the nation who claim that the Utah-based company has violated federal regulations requiring retailers with over twenty stores to disclose the calories for each menu item as prepared and sold.

The plaintiffs contend that Crumbl Cookies has only been disclosing one-fourth of the actual caloric content of their cookies, resulting in widespread confusion and misleading customers to believe the treats are healthier than they truly are. Among the plaintiffs are individuals with various health backgrounds and lifestyles, some of whom are grappling with diabetes, obesity, and other health concerns related to their food choices. These former customers were shocked to discover that a single cookie's actual caloric content totals anywhere between 700 to 800 calories—surpassing the caloric count of a typical fast-food burger.

AK Law ACPC, a prominent legal firm, is committed to pursuing this class-action litigation. For those seeking more information about the lawsuit against Crumbl Cookies, a copy of the official complaint can be accessed on AK Law ACPC's official website at aklawacpc.com.

Case No: 8:23-cv-01218 CJC-KES (Central District of California)

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Release Date: September 27, 2023 Location: Orange, CA

Attached are case information and documents.

Case Information and Documents: 

Class Action Complaint Against Crumbl LLC (pdf click)

FDA Rules on Menu Advertising (pdf click)

FDA Final Rule 21 CFR Parts 11 and 101: Labeling of Standard Menu Items in Retail Establishments (pdf click)

FDA Website: Menu Labeling Requirements (pdf click)

FDA Powerpoint Menu Labeling (pdf click)