AK Law ACPC is dedicated to our clients and their causes.  After graduating from the University of Southern California Law School, our founder, Alan Kang Esq., practiced in California state and federal courts for nearly two decades. Our firm participates in cases nationwide with attorneys from Oklahoma, Virginia, Missouri, Florida and Texas. As the proud owner of three generations of Doberman Pinschers from American and Eastern European (Fedor Del Nasi) championship bloodlines, Mr. Kang’s practice follows the same characteristics that he observes in his animals: fully engaged, fair and compassionate, with overwhelming effort and sound judgment in adverse and challenging situations, solely focused on attaining just and necessary outcomes.

In order to maintain the highest standard of legal work, our law firm always assesses and handles cases in teams, using the most qualified technical experts, paralegals, co-counsel, and law clerks available.  This provides an interdisciplinary approach to evaluate any situation before embarking on a legal analysis and legal solutions. This methodology was first embraced by our founder during his time in academia where he served as an editor of the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, published a peer-reviewed international law article, and received the highest grade in the class in Constitutional Law II.  Accordingly, the same commitment and focus is used today to master the subject matter of each case through a multi-disciplinary lens. The matters we represent are generally complex, and include advocating on behalf of individuals with life-changing catastrophic injuries through our medical malpractice work, whistleblower retaliation cases, complex commercial litigation, and consumer protection cases focusing on securing injunctive relief to protect public consumers.   We represented clients injured with third-degree burns, permanent brain damage, failure to diagnose terminal cancer, and the wrongful death of a loved one. We also handled a dispute involving the purchase of a 300-unit residential complex and resolved matters with national companies voluntarily agreeing to withdraw misleading advertisements.

Additionally, when appropriate, our firm serves as local counsel to national plaintiff firms, as well as co-counsel alongside well-regarded Southern California law firms.  We served as local counsel in a variety of past and current arbitrations and court-litigation cases with nationally-recognized plaintiff firms such as the Sonn Law Group, Hodes Milman, and the Moskowitz Law Firm. The complexity and innovation of our work garnered public interest by both national and local press outlets.  Our cases appeared in Law360Bloomberg NewsClass Action News, and the Orange County Register.  


AK Law ACPC regularly litigates against the largest companies and top law firms in the world. We pride ourselves in competency fueled by heart. Our team understands and appreciates the awesome responsibility of serving as counselor and advocate in the face of seemingly daunting odds in unchartered territory. 

We deliver life-changing results to our clients by actively meeting and engaging with their challenges through multi-faceted, interdisciplinary case evaluations and fierce litigation strategies. Indeed, we rely solely on word-of-mouth recommendations for new cases, which follow our strong track record of victories. AK Law ACPC continues to serve as a go-to firm for those looking for skilled legal representation in situations when justice is required for life-changing outcomes.